Top 5 things to do in Taormina

Taormina is one of the most popular towns in Sicily, easily accessible from Catania Airport but also a popular destination for both Sicilians and tourists. Perfect for those that need a base to visit Mount Etna or simply need a break away from reality at one of the stunning beach destinations it has to offer. 

Although there is a range of activities to make Sicily the dream summer holiday location, we just wanted to share with you our top five favourite things to do and ones we think you should add to the to do list 


In at number one, we have the Ancient Theatre of Taormina also known as Teatro Antico di Taormina. 

This Greek theatre, which was built in the third century BC, is without question a must have to visit. With spectactular views out to the coast of Sicily and also Etna, not only is this the perfect spot for some sight seeing, it is also a great place to be wowed by history.

Since the 50s the theater has hosted various forms of entertainment like theater, concerts, the award ceremonies of the David di Donatell, symphonies, operas and ballets. Make sure you check out who may be playing soon!


At number two, we have the stunning Corso Umberto, also known as the Sicilian Saint Tropez. 

The Corso Umberto is the main street that crosses the whole centre of Taormina. This strip features luxury boutiques of clothes, jewellery, and souvenirs and runs from two old arched gateways. 

Whilst you stroll from arch to arch, make sure you check out 2, a small medieval church.


Love the relaxation of a beach vacation? You are certain to fall in love with Isola Bella. 

This UNESCO listed reserve is world renowned and is perfect for becoming close with nature. Isola bella offers a PADI recognized dive centre. Whether you fancy a snorkelling tour or a full 5 day open water PADI course, you will certainly have fun!


There’s no surprise that eating Granita at Bam Bar is at number four, some may argue it should be number one! 

The Bam Bar offers a typical Sicilian breakfast which is Granita with whipped cream and a brioche. This cool and refreshing breakfast is the perfect start to your day whilst sat in the stunning yet busy streets of Corsto Umberto. It is also a great refreshing afternoon treat after that trip to the beach! 

Our favourite is definitely the strawberry but you will have to let us know your favourite!


Castelmola is without doubt the most romantic location in Sicily. 

Set high above Taormina this beautiful medieval town provides a venue fit for a film set.  Walk the cobbled streets, find the hidden piazza’s and discover the many treasures that create the beautiful Sicilian culture. 

The views from all around Castelmola are truly breathtaking, you can take in the coastline of Italy, the Ionian sea, Mount Etna, the Greek theatre and look down on Taormina.

These are just our top five things to do in Taormina but Sicily has a range of additional activities to suit everyone. From scuba diving, public gardens and stunning view points, you are sure to have the holiday of a life time in Sicily.  

Here at The Lemon Tree, our terrace offers majestic views of beautiful Taormina and its surrounds: Castelmola and Giardini Naxos. From the relaxed and strategic base of The Lemon Tree you will be able to plan your holiday visiting all of its surrounds.

Our specialist holidays

Whatever your interests, The Lemon Tree has something to offer when it comes to specialist holidays. Sicily is full of: Culture, history and natural beauty but of course food and wine in Sicily is hard to beat.

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